Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Journal covers

This one is made from velvet, leather and plastic background.  The blue is hand made silk paper, the pink is silk ribbon and the 's' is couched wool.

This one is made from fancy materials and beaded.  Ribbon and lace have been added.

A lot of sparkle on this one.  I had heaps of problems getting the silver to stick.  I don't seem to be able to find an adhesive that will glue these and beads.   So I tried sticking them on but in the end I needed to sew each one down.  Although it was handy to glue to keep them in place while I took to it all with the nymo.  They ended up looking far more 'casual' that way.

This one was quite tricky - well for me anyway.  The base is yellow poplin.  From the top down it is sequin waste that I beaded.  The next part is chicken scratch.  The name is made out of sparkly and appliqued on.  Next comes beading and wool threaded through millinery wire.


  1. WOW they are just gorgeous Wendy xxx

  2. beautiful .. absolutely beautiful ... you do gorgeous work ...

  3. Wendy, your Journal covers are wonderful. Well done...