Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CQJP 2012

Recycle - Pity about the Chocolate!

This is my January contribution to CQJP2012.  This is my recycled version.  I am also working on a 'proper' block but love the idea of using recycled things to make something new.   These are just old chocolate wrappers from Easter eggs etc.  I then machine stitched the block.  I am hoping a coating of fixative will make it ok to go on a journal cover.  If not I will use tape transfer to solve the problem.

PS My grand children actually ate most of the chocolate. lol


  1. Great Wendy, what a shame the chocies are gone though...

  2. How very clever - see I would never think to do anything like that...

  3. i am with Sharon .. i would never have thought of that ... but next time you have that many chocolates ... you had best be sharing them with adults .. (like ME!!! ) your grandchildren should not be eating that much choccie ... it is not good for their teeth ...their skin .. or their heart ... mine body on the other hand is shot to blazers so it only stands to reason I SHOULD GET IT and not them ... .. AND FYI .... i am only suggesting this so save your darling grandies ... honest .. would i lie to you .. haha ..